Dr Venkatesh is Professor Emeritus at St John’s Medical College Bangalore as well as CEO and the Director of the Foundation for Quality India (FQI). He is also the Director of the National Referral Centre for Lead Projects in India (NRCLPI).

He is the current National Chairman of the Indian Society for Lead Awareness and Research (InSLAR). He is also called the Lead Man of India and was director of ‘Project Lead Free’ of The George Foundation, which was instrumental in getting the unleaded petrol to India in March 2000.

Dr. Thuppil is also the Lead/Principal Assessor for the NABL & NABH under Quality Council of India (QCI). He is the recipient of the International award for Science, Truth and Honor, the prestigious Arya Bhatta Award apart from the lifetime achievement award from CAHO. He is also technical adviser to UNIDO and WHO.

He has published over 350 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals.