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Detection of Sub-Clinical Lead Toxicity in Monocasters

Lead poisoning has been documented since antiquity but occupational lead intoxication still continues to occur (Rampe] 1989). Now there is a growing consensus that low levels of lead exposure often do not result in the manifestation of toxic symptoms, but may have sub- clinical toxicity on haemopoit ic and renal system (Marks (1985; Hunter 1986; Goyer 1990).

Nutrition-pollution interaction: An emerging research area

The impact of environmental pollution, especially chronic low exposures of heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Hg, As, Cr, etc.) on nutritional status and health of human and livestock, has become a cause of concern. It is established that malnutrition inhibits enzyme system, alters neurotransmitter levels, degenerate myelin, glial and neural elements, lowering of IQ scores as well as impairment of fine and gross motor coordination.